The Defector (Autographed)
The Defector (Autographed)
The Defector (Autographed)
The Defector (Autographed)

The Defector (Autographed)

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Chris Hadfield, the #1 bestselling Canadian astronaut, returns with a gripping Cold War saga in "The Defector," a sequel to the acclaimed "The Apollo Murders."

Embark on a thrilling, high-altitude journey with "The Defector," where danger lurks in the skies of the 1973 Yom Kippur War. A state-of-the-art Soviet MiG fighter vanishes over Israel's desert, drawing NASA Flight Controller and ex-US test pilot Kaz Zemeckis into a whirlwind of espionage, deceit, and a potential high-profile defection.

The Defector is a masterful blend of authentic aerial combat and intense political intrigue, set against the backdrop of the Cold War's most secretive battles. Chris Hadfield, leveraging his exceptional experience as a top test pilot in the US Air Force, US Navy, and as an RCAF fighter pilot, delivers an insider's view of the fight for air supremacy.

"A Cold War thriller packed with cosmic action." – New York Times

"An exciting journey into an alternate past" – Andy Weir, author of The Martian

"Propulsive... a space race thrill ride" – Newsweek

"Spectacular... an intelligent and surprising nail-biter that Tom Clancy fans will relish" – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

In "The Defector," every decision is a gamble, and every alliance a potential betrayal. Kaz Zemeckis must navigate a razor-thin line of trust, inviting the enemy into America's secret sanctum. With the enigmatic “Foxbat” MiG-25 at stake, the chase for air dominance is as dangerous as it is valuable.

Don’t miss this exceptional journey into the heart of aerial warfare, where the sky is not the limit but the battleground.

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