The Apollo Murders

By Kieran Kithulegoda

 A thriller from Col. Chris Hadfield. Set in space, The Apollo Murders is full of high tech adventure, danger and people pushed to their limit, at a pivotal moment in history. It's out in October and now available for pre-order.

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  • hello,
    One of my junior high classes is called career
    explorations 8 (for grade 8). commander hadfield, my students and i thoroughly enjoyed viewing your videos from the iss, meeting ‘albert’ as you read your children’s story, the darkest dark (great story with much meaning), and shared so many experiences with others. as students learn to become more self aware, and preparing to explore their own potential and possibility for the future, we send our thanks, gratitude and appreciation. i am looking forward to your new book.
    ms. salter
    edmonton, Alberta

    Wendy Salter on

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